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We love the thrill of finding an amazing deal but even more than that, we love being able help brides wear their dream designer gown at a time when budget and timeline are important. We source new and sample gowns from all over the country and pass the savings onto our clients.  Better yet,  you take your dress with waiting!

We’ve all been there when we’ve found on Pinterest or Instagram the one thing we can’t live without, only to realize that it is way more expensive than we thought or that we can’t get it in a time that makes it valuable to us.   In wedding world, this is where we come in. We give you the opportunity to shop above your budget, while staying in budget, or to get that designer quality gown in a time frame that is too short for ordering.

That $4000 dress that is speaking to you on Instagram is now in your budget and waiting for you to find and take home. Or maybe you have found the man of your dreams and are ready to say “I do” right now and don’t have time to order.  We’ve got ya, girl!

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