Gown Collective | An Intro

You may be wondering, what is Gown Collective, and why are they different?  We asked ourselves this a million times before launching and we think we've finally hit the nail on the head.  

So what is Gown Collective?

Good question...at the basic level, we are a bridal shop with 3 locations (Alexandria, VA | Atlanta, GA | and Charleston, SC) and we sell wedding gowns at a discounted price, as well as awesome accessories.   

At a deeper level, we are a collective of 3 stores with a mission to help brides find their dream gown at a price that works for them.  Our gowns are not always brand spankin' new, but the also aren't pre-wed.  They are showroom samples or overstock that are in excellent condition and ready for a home today.  Because we don't order gowns new for our brides, this gives us the ability to give them amazing value for the price.   We search high and low for great deals on gowns that brides want, so we can pass that along to you!   

Our mission is not only to help brides find "the one" but it is to also create community in a time that is stressful and busy.  We get it.  We feel your stress and want to help!  That's where the #collectiveclub comes in....and you don't have to be a #collectivebride to be a part of it!

So... what is #CollectiveClub? 


The above sums it up, but let's dive in.  We believe a sense of community is SO important in this process.  Wedding planning is time consuming, stressful, and fun!  With it comes a lot of pressures and sometimes you can feel alone.  

We don't want that....we want you to have others to lean on and ways to help relieve the stress, inspire ideas, and cope with planning life.  

Collective Club is launching August 2018 and is a mixture of discussion, events and activities that will enhance your well being.  From book clubs to fitness to volunteering and chatting, there will be opportunities to hang with Gown Collective, outside of just shopping.  

AND you don't have to be a #collectivebride to be involved.  The more, the merrier!  


Want to become a #collectivebride?  Schedule your appointment by clicking below and also check out our FAQ page to find out more!


Sarah Black