Real Wedding: Megan + Ryan

Venue: Brunswick Historic Courthouse

Photography: Rainey Gregg

Megan and Ryan are the sweetest couple imaginable and it definitely shows in the gorgeous pictures of their day! They planned an intimate, laid back day on the Georgia coast to celebrate their love. We love all the little, thoughtful details that made their day personal to them - from Megan’s ‘I do’ finger nail paint to the sweet baby’s breath in her hair to the adorable pictures of their new family.

Megan + Ryan-113.jpg

What Megan loved about her experience at Gown Collective: 

I planned a small wedding at the courthouse and I had no clue what type of dress I wanted. I live in Saint Simons Island, GA and my mom lives in Birmingham, AL. We decided to meet in Atlanta and my mom made an appointment with [Gown Collective]. My wedding date was April 20th so we didn’t have much time to wait on a dress. I absolutely LOVED shopping at [Gown Collective]!

 Alix was so helpful and our experience was amazing. We loved having the store to ourselves to keep our appointment private and a special moment for my mother and I. Once I tried on the dress that I wore at my wedding, I knew i was the one! I was a little worried about making such a large decision quickly, so Alix was so nice to let us come back the next day to try it on again!

My husband and I had an intimate ceremony on April 20th at the Brunswick Historical Courthouse.

My gown was very different and not something I saw myself leaning toward, but I LOVED the skirt and topper combination. The dress flowed and gave me the romantic vibe I was looking for. It  was a classic dress with a boho touch and it  was the most perfect dress for our wedding day. I wore the dress all day long because I was so in love with it!

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Sarah Black